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Looking for bright, motivated, fresh minds? Host an Evaluation Practicum student

The Evaluation Practicum is designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain real world experience and develop professional competencies by working alongside seasoned evaluators.

At the time of their practicum placement, students will have completed, or will be in the process of completing, all of the core courses for the MA in Program Evaluation, providing them training in:

  • leading models and standards of professional evaluation practice
  • quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method design and analysis for the evaluation context
  • effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • leading-edge dissemination and reporting strategies
  • evaluation contracting and project management

By hosting a practicum student, you will not only gain an extra set of hands, but also new energy and a fresh perspective. Practicum students are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and, most of all, eager to learn! Further, as a practicum mentor, you will have an opportunity to contribute to the growth of a future colleague and the evaluation profession.

Practicum is completed from May - December. During that time frame, students are required to work a total of 420 hours at their practicum site (approximately 16 hours per week).

If you are interested in hosting a practicum students or would like more information about the Evaluation Practicum program, please contact us at



Now accepting applications for Fall 2021. Deadline: June 30.


Are you seeking bright, motivated, fresh minds?